Torrente Albola - "Jacuzzi"

Short and interesting vertical gorge, with a polar temperature water. An always remarkable flow and some dark meanderings make the Albola a very satisfying descent.


Difficulty: v4 a3 III
Period: june to september
Length: about 500 m
Alt. Difference: 125 meters (315-190)
Rope descents: 12, higher 20 meters
Bolts: very good - 2004
Duration: 35' access + 2h 30' descent + 10' coming back
Shuttle: 0 km
Equipment: 2 ropes 60 mt long


Access: from Riva del Garda take the road towards the Val di Ledro. Just outside the village, near a wide curve on the right, follow a road on the left leading to the hamlet of San Giacomo (no indications, coming from Riva). After a few meters this road reaches a bridge over the Albola river. Park the car near the bridge or near a beautiful ancient building on the right bank of the river (pay attention to private properties).

Approach: walk up along the asphalted road on the left bank (car access only for residents), ending in a while near some power station installations. Pass on the right bank and take a steep path (red marked) with fixed iron ropes and an iron ladder. Rise up until a pillar, crossing other passages equipped with fixed ropes; the path becomes flat and enters inside the wood. Follow the red marks and go on the same path until a diversion on the right, leading to the water in a minute.

Coming back: after the last toboggan there is a gangway leading to a little altar on the left bank. The re-entry path, with fixed iron ropes, starts on the right bank and in a while takes back to the approaching path.

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