Clue d'Amen

Wonderful and unforgettable descent in the water surrounded by a red world made of rock. Clean water flowing and diving in smoothed pools and frightening narrows. The Amen river flows down from the Dme de Barrot to the Gorges de Daluis, with a final fall 70 meters high diving in the major Var river.


Difficulty: v4 a3 IV
Period: june to september
Length: about 3 km
Difference in height: 343 meters (1063-720)
Rappels: 18, higher 70 meters (15 + 25 + 30)
Anchors: dipartimental - 2004
Duration: 1h 45' approach + 5h descent + 20' coming back
Shuttle: 3,5 km
Equipment: 2 ropes 60 meters long


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