Vallon de Audin

Here's the ideal canyon to bring your mother with you... beautiful environment, clear water, short and sunny descent, no difficult passages and a few funny toboggans. There's also an upper part with a 40 meters high waterfall, but we've been discouraged of facing it. Data are therefore relative to the only lower part.


Difficulty: v2 a2 II
Period: april to october
Length: about 2 km
Alt. Difference: 150 meters (300 - 150)
Rope descents: 1, 5 meters high
Bolts: dipartimental - 2004
Duration: 50' approach + 1h 45' descent + 20' coming back
Shuttle: 0 km
Equipment: a little rope for the 5 mt drop


Access: leave the highway A26 at Ventimiglia and take the national road towards Limone - Breil sur Roya. Just before the custom, leave the road and turn heading for Fanghetto, a beautiful village on the left bank of the Roya. Pak just inside the village.

Approach: take the Valle Roia path (yellow marks) starting from the parking and go on until the boundary-stone and after a while pass over a ruin on the right. After a few meters there's a junction: leave the path heading for Libre and rise up on the right. After about 10 minutes pass over a concrete pipe and go on for about 30 minutes more, until the track is no more recognizable; there, a litlle steep path on the left goes down to the water.

Coming back: just after the second bridge rise the right bank until the path of the Roya valley, pass over the bridge and then go on for about 5 minuti rising until the path covered during the approach.

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