Vallon de la Balma

Wide gorge with a little water flow, growing only in the last part; bettere descend it after rainfalls periods, if it's raining or if there's nothing else to do. Last fall is beautiful as well as the wonderful approach to the vilage of Reveston, where the only resident is a couple of kind goat cheese makers with two pretty little dogs. The descent can be divided in two parts: we just faced the only lower one, to which the reported data relates.


Difficulty: v4 a1 II
Period: april to june
Length: about 1,1 km (lower part)
Alt. difference: 220 meters (500 - 180)
Rope descents: 8, higher 50 meters (sharp!!)
Bolts: sufficient - 1998
Duration: 1h approach + 2h descent + 5' coming back
Shuttle: 0 km
Equipment: 2 ropes 60 meters long


Access: at the highway exit of Nice St. Isidore take the road N202 towards Digne and pass over Plan du Var. Proceed for about 5 km, passing an iron railway bridge on the left and reach a short straight road part with a little house and a pre-fabricated building on the right; near the buildings there are the indications for the path heading for Hameau Reveston and Madonne d'Utelle. Park the car.

Approach: take the evident and easy to follow mule-track reaching Reveston in 45'. When you can see the first village buildings take the path towards Collairbasse running down on the left, which in 5' leads to the left bank of the river.

Coming Back: from the bottom of fall come back onto the N202 and go down for about 500 m towards the valley bottom, until the parking.

Note: if you want to descend also the upper part (we didn't), cross the village and go on the path, passing over two water tanks on the right; after about half an hour reach a gangway over the river, marking the beginning of the descent.

Copyright Cica Rude Clan.