Val di Bares

Wonderful and demanding course: more than 50 steps and plenty of pools. Even if it has not very difficult passages, it is definetely necessary to face the descent in little groups, with a good attitude to jumps and climbs and technically fit. The lack of these requirements or a flow greater than 100-150 l/sec can dramatically strecht the duration of the descent.

Pictures by G. Gnecchi


Difficulty: v5 a5 V
Period: from july to september
Length: 2,5 km
Difference in height: about 700 meters (1300-600)
Rappels: 50, higher 28 meters
Anchors: insufficient - 2005
Duration: 2h + 6h 30'-8 h + 30'
Shuttle: 0 km
Gear: 2 ropes 60 meters long


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