Rio Caldone - Val Boazzo

Quite aquatic and amusing gorge, inside the wonderful scenery of the Grigna and the Como Lake; some difficulties not to be underestimated, expecially in case of heavy flow.


Difficulty: v3 a4 III
Period: may to september
Length: about 2 km
Alt. difference: 350 meters (910-560)
Rope descents: about 12, higher 18 meters
Bolts: insufficient - 2001
Duration: 30' accesso + 4h 30' descent + 20' coming back
Shuttle: 4 km
Equipment: 1 rope 60 meters long


lower: from Lecco take the road to to the Valsassina and reach Ballabio; just inside the village turn right towards Mortirone and after about 500 meters take a non asphalted road on the right leading, in a few meters, to the lower parking, near a gate and a bad smelling water depurator.
upper: come back onto the road to Mortirone and rise along the steep bends for about 4 km, until the parking area near a via ferrata. Park the car here or in the open space about 50 meters beyond.

Approach: from the car go on the asphalted road for a few meters, until a non asphalted road on the right, closed by a bar, with the indication "Val Boazzo"; follow this road to its end and reach the river bed, near a pair of buildings. Go on along the bed for about 15' until the first pool.

Coming back: after the last toboggan you'll be overhanged by an impressive viaduct and in a few meters by a little concrete gangway, crossing the river. Take the path on the right bank and go on until a track which, in a few minutes, takes back to the lower parking.

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