Fossaceca (con uscita su Malanotte)

Beautiful, little aquatic and very vertical gorge, with a good pace, inside the wonderful environment of the National Park of the Gran Sasso - Monti della Laga. No swims, but a really wet ambient.

Fotografie di A. Pinotti


Difficulty: v5 a1 V
Period: april to october
Length: about 1 km
Alt. difference: 400 meters (1380-980)
Rope descents:

12, higher descent 35 meters

Bolts: quite good - 2001
Duration: 2h 30' approach + 4h descent + 40' coming back
Shuttle: 0 km

2 ropes 60 meters long


Access: leave highway A24 at San Gabriele and head for Isola del Gran Sasso. From here take the road towards Lago di Pagliara and, at the second junction on the right, take a litlle asphalted road leading to the aqueduct of Ruzzo; park near the beginning of the path no. 9.

Approach: follow the path, a cattle-track, until the sources of the Peschio, from where it is possible to have a wonderful view over the glacial catchment basin of the Fossaceca. Go on the path for about 30', until a knoll over the river; reach the river bed walking for about 10' through the steep grasses.

Coming back: after the last fall, on the right of a little aqueduct outlet, there is a path rising inside a short tunnel. After the tunnel go on the no more used track and reach, after about 30', the approaching cattle-track, which in about 10' leads back to the parking.

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