Torrente Chalamy

Easy descent, splittable in two different parts. The upper one is not engaged but there is a wonderful 20 meters high dive, only for the most skilled and reckless divers! The second leg is a little more steep and technical.


Difficulty: v3 a3 II
Period: from may to october
Length: about 1 km
Alt. difference: 250 meters (730-480)
Rope descents: 8, higher descent 30 meters
Bolts: very good - 2003
Duration: 20' approach + 2h descent + 5' coming back
Shuttle: about 4 km
Equipment: 1 rope 60 meters long


WARNING! Artificial dam over the canyon.

Lower access: leave highway A5 at Verres and head North towards St. Vincent; after a few kilometers reach and pass over the village of Champdepraz, heading for Barbustè. Park near a little power station.

Upper access: follow the bends of the road rising steeply and park in an open space on the left, just before the bridge over the Chalamy gorge. From the bridge it's easily possible to verify the flow entity.

Approach: take a path starting on the opposite side of the bridge and rising on the right; do not take the evident and steep path on the left which takes you back (after 300 meters of very steep rise) on the same road you are from... The path runs along the gorge (which is on your right) and in about 20 minutes reaches a 25 meters high fall, with a wide pool at its bottom. Here the path is belayed with some ropes which let you reach a little ledge from where it's possible to belay the first rope descent (on a tree) or, for those who are able, to dive from a height of 20 meters.

Coming back: after the huge chaos of blocks at the end of the descent we have to pass through a shooting field on the right side. CAUTION! Beware of shooters!

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