Torrent de Chichin (Dormillouse)

Beautiful alpine gorge, nowadays less difficult than the usual, because of the partial pools recently filled up with debris. The first narrow remains quite dangerous (siphon) is followed by a long leg where the abseils are not that difficult. The final big fall, very scenic, is divided in three legs. If the pools should empty, the difficulty of this descent would return to be very high, as the stream is always powerful.

Difficulty: v4 a4 III
Period: september-october
Length: about 1,5 km
Vertical Drop: 330 meters (1760-1440)
Abseils: 20, higher 85 meters (25 + 25+ 35)
Bolts: insufficient - 2007
Duration: 50' approach + 4h
Shuttle: 0 km
Equipment: 2 ropes 60 meters long

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Note: Useful info on Montagne Virtuel (french).

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