Torrente Ciolesan

Amusing descent made of two very different parts: a first one a little engaged and reallly vertical, and a second one very narrow and engaged, less steep but with lots of dives in pure water pools.


Difficulty: v4 a4 IV
Period: may to october
Length: about 1,5 km
Difference in height: 265 meters (905-640)

8, higher 27 meters

Anchors: good - 2001
Duration: 1h approach + 3h descent
Shuttle: 0 km

1 rope 60 meters long


Access: from Pordenone head towards Maniago and then enter into to the Cellina valley. Go on passing over the village of Claut and reach the hamlet of Lesis; cross the bridge and, just after the few bulidings of the little hamlet of Stalle de Pol, park the car in a grassy open space on the left.

Approach: from the parking cross the first little bridge over an affluent of the Ciolesan and then turn right, just before a second bridge (over the Ciolesan), taking a mule-track rising steeply. After a few minutes turn left towards a wide grass, pass through a group of houses and then go on a very steep path (no. 391, red marked) overhanging the left bank of the Ciolesan gorge. The path ends its rise at the altitude of 1045 m and then begins to run down until a dry affluent; the path goes down along this affleunt bed for about 20 meters and then goes on a little ridge leading to the Ciol della Val river, affluent of the Ciolesan, which is the first part of the descent.

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