Rio Colombaia

Quite interesting canyon, even if discontinuous and very slippery. Some really beautiful falls, not so easy to descend in case of big flows.


Difficulty: v3 a2 II

april to october

Length: about 1 km
Alt. difference: 200 m (900-700)
Calate: 8, higher 30 meters
Bolts: good - 2001
Duration: 5' approach + 3h 15' descent + 40' coming back
Shuttle: 0 km
Equipment: 1 rope 60 mt long


Access: coming from Genoa on the Val Trebbia national road, reach the village of Ottone and take the road to Cerignale. Coming form Piacenza, about 10 km after the village of Marsaglia, take the road to Cerignale (follow the sign "Strada panoramica per Ottone" - panoramic road to Ottone). In both cases go on the panoramic road until the junction for Orezzoli and then take the road towards Orezzoli and pass over the village. A few hundreds of meters after the village take a non asphalted road on the left, leading to Lenguie, a very little hamlet made by seven or eight houses; park the car just after this first little group of buildings, near a u-turning bent on the right and about 100 meters before the end of the road.

Approach: go down to the lower buildings (at the end of the road) and reach the water following the white-red marked path. After about 50 meters, on the left bank, there's the bolt of the first fall.

Coming back: the canyon end into a pool before a 10 m high jump, near the second confluence on the left. Rise up on the left for a few meters along the little affluent and reach a wide path rising along the the gorge and then through the wood; go on steeply until a crumbling dry wall (in about 10'). Follow from here a track on the left overhaning the gorge and after about 20' it's possible to see the buildings of Lenguie. The last obstacle consists in some bramble bushes before a litlle abandoned hamlet behind which starts the last short part of the path leading to the parking.

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