Torrent de Comafreda

Almost always dry, this not really amusing canyon offers just a beautiful narrow second part.


Difficulty: v3 a1 III
Period: all year round
Length: about 2,5 km
Alt. difference: 380 m (500-120)
Rope descents: about 12, higher descent 15 meters
Bolts: good - 2000
Duration: 5' approach + 3h descent + 45' coming back
Shuttle: 4 km
Equipment: 1 rope 60 meters long, no wetsuits


upper: from Palma reach the village of Inca on the road no. C-713 heading towards the north-eastern part of the island; once at Inca take the road no. C-710 leading to the Monastery of the Lluc and, just before the the junction for the monastery, park the fisrt car in an open space in front of a gas pump.
lower: come back on the same road for about 4 km and park the second car in the little village of Es Barracar.

Approach: from the upper parking, come back down along the valley for a few meters and then take a non evident path going down on the left, leading to the river bed.

Coming back: once at an artificial dam take a path following the left bank until the buildings of Sa Coma; here take another path rising up the valley of an affluent on the right of the Comafreda and reach Es Barracar (private properties areas).

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