Val Combra

Short alpine descent, not really engaged but quite amusing. A remarkable and wonderful 18 meters long toboggan and ice water. Check every pool before jumping.


Difficulty: v3 a4 III
Period: june to september
Length: about 600 meters
Alt. difference: 110 meters (1140-1030)
Rope descents: 9, higher descent 22 meters
Bolts: sufficient - 2000
Duration: 30' approach + 2h descent + 15' coming back
Shuttle: 0 km
Equipment: 2 ropes 60 meters long


Access: from Biasca head towards Malvaglia, enter into the village near the church and then take the steep road rising up along the Malvaglia valley. Go on until the bottom of the dam and rise on the left until the parking area before the road crosses the dam.

Approach: walk across the dam and enter into the tunnel. Once on the outside, on the left, take the path heading for Combra. The beginning of the descent is marked by the first little wooden bridge crossing the bed.

Coming back: after the last jump leave the bed on the left bank and in a few minutes rise up to the approach path.

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