Clue de Duranus

Short and easy, this descent doesn't offer any particularly amusing part, but the end of the gorge is reaalt beautiful.


Difficulty: v3 a3 III
Period: april to july
Length: about 1,5 km
Alt. difference: 150 meters (350-200)
Rope descents: 6, higher descent 12 meters
Bolts: sufficient - 1995
Duration: 2h 50' descent
Shuttle: 12 km
Equipment: 1 rope 60 meters long


: leave the higway at Nice St. Isidore and take the national road N202 towards Digne-Grenoble, rising up the left bank of the Var. Go on this road until Albaree and, after a bridge over the Vesubie, turn right onto the D2565 heading for St. Martin Vesubie. Go on the wonderful road of the Gorges de la Vesubie for about 8-9 kilometers and then park the car in an open space on the left, just after the first tunnel, at about 26 kilometers from Nice.
upper: go on the D2565 for about 3 kilometers more and a little before St. Jean turn right onto the D19 towards Duranus. Follow this road for about 6 km, passing over the village of Imberguet and Duranus, and park the car near a bridge marking the beginning of the canyon descent, 1 km far from Duranus.

Approach: none

Coming Back: after the last rope descent you'll have to face the problem of fording the Vesubie: it's possible to find an iron cable for hanging ourselves while crossing the water. Otherwise (in case of big flow) it's necessary that one people, belayed, reach the other bank and pull a rope taut in order to let the other people cross safely. The fording point is clearly visible when you park the lower car; so take a glimpse of it before going to the upper access.

Copyright Cica Rude Clan.