Gorg Blau y Sa Fosca

Difficult but not to be missed descent through a very deep calcareous gorge, with the peculiarity of a 600 meters long part in which the rock closes over our heads, shaping a dark cave where you'll need a torch to proceed. The re-entry path rides along the bed of the wonderful and impressive Torrent de Pareis and ends on the the beach of Sa Calobra.


Difficulty: v3 a3 VI
Period: all year round, better in spring
Length: about 5 km
Alt. difference: 500 m (600-100)
Rope descents: about 30, higher descent 25 meters
Bolts: good - 2000
Duration: 10' approach + 6h 30' + 2h 15' coming back
Shuttle: 12 km
Equipment: 2 ropes 60 meters long, headlamps


Access: from Palma reach the village of Inca on the road no. C-713 heading towards the north-eastern part of the island; once at Inca take the road no. C-710 leading to the Monastery of the Lluc and at the junction for the monastery go on towards Soller. At the junction for Sa Calobra, near an aqueduct and a kiosc, park the first car; then park the second one at Sa Calobra, near the sea.

Approach: pass under the aqueduct bridge and come back on the road for about a hundred meters until a path on the left leading to an abandoned mill; after a few minutes of walk in the river bed reach a first pool pozza and wear the wetsuits.

Coming Back: first take a path on the right crossing the dry bed of the Pareis and then going down, with some uncomfortable passages, first on the right and then on the left bank. After these difficulties the bed becomes flat and goes on with a long walk until the marshes near the wonderful beach of Sa Calobra.

Copyright Cica Rude Clan.