Forra di Gargazzone - Torrente Eschio-Aschlbach

Beautiful and difficult gorge with a b flow; bolts are well positioned and require a good knowledge of handrails belaying techniques. Difficult access, very aerial...


Difficulty: v5 a4 IV
Period: june to september
Length: about 700 m
Difference in height: 270 meters (580-310)
Rappels: about 12, higher 45 meters
Anchors: very good - 2001
Duration: 1h access + 4h descent + 5' coming back
Shuttle: 0 km
Gear: 3 ropes 60 mt long


Access: leave the highway at Bolzano Sud and take the road for Merano. Leave at Gargazzone, head for the centre of the village and then rise up towards the gorge (already visible from the highway), following the indications for the paths to the medioeval Tower and to Verano. Take care to ask the villagers the permission to park the car.

Approach: take the path to Verano, crossing the bridge and rising up steeply on the right bank. Go on the path trough the wood and reach a flat tract where it is possible to catch beautiful sights of the Bolzano valley; after a while there is a belvedere with a bench and a wooden cross (600 m of altitude). Here come the difficulties: go inside the wood and follow a track, more or less at the same the same altitude, going towards the gorge, until a rock wall. You should find a way to cross it, climbing for about 2 meters (just 2, not more). Go on halfway up the hill until a quite more evident track flanking the gorge edge. If everything is right, you should now be about 50 meters lower then the wooden cross. Rise up along the track trying to see, on a rock, a bolt glimpsing over the canyon precipice, at an altitude of 650 m. Remember that it will take you about 1h to approch the beginning of the descent, just if you don't miss the right way... From the bolt, reach the river bed with two descents on rope, 20 and 45 meters long.

Coming back: after the last fall, follow on the right bank the path leading back to the road in a few minutes.

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