Awesome monumental gorge. The Mount Iti is splitted in two by an incredible canyon with a difference in altitude of almost 900 metres: you will find technical rappels, jumps, slides, big waterfalls, white water, river walking, down climbs. A complete descent, long and demanding but wonderful and definitely satisfying.

Images of Gorgopotamos and Tsigenorema canyons


Difficulty: v5 a5 VI
Period: august-september
Length: about 4,5 km
Difference in height: 850 meters (1080-230)
Rappels: about 35, higher 85 meters (55+30)
Anchors: quite good - 2010
Duration: 10' approach + 10 h + 5' coming back
Shuttle: 18,1 km
Gear: 4 ropes x 60 meters


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Detailed map of the area

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