Vallon de Guiou

Some guide-books doesn't really help you to understand the difference between beautiful gorges and quite insignificant canyons. Unfortunately, we bought one of those guides and can now assure that the Guiou is actually a superfluos descent in the Good Canyoner curriculum. Anyway, if you have already descended all the canyons of that area and just want to go on an excursion also this river can be good, because it offers beautiful surrondings and it's sunny and quite easy.


Difficulty: v3 a2 III
Period: april to october
Length: about 3,8 km
Alt. Difference: 245 metri (680 - 435)
Calate: 7, higher 20 m
Bolts: dipartimental - 2009
Duration: 1h 30' approach + 3h descent
Shuttle: 0 km
Equipment: 1 rope 60 mt long


Access: leave the highway A26 at Ventimiglia, take the road towards Limone - Breil sur Roya and, just before the Custom, turn and head for Olivetta s. Michele - Sospello. Pass over the villages of Olivetta and Sospello driving along a narrow and meandering road; go on towards the Col de Turini for about 3 km more, until the brigde over the Guiou and park the car.

Approach: take the yellow marked path starting from the parking and heading for the Pont de Fountan and walk until the bridge, where the canyon descend begins.

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