Clue de l'Infernet

Short and easy, this gorge offers an amusing narrow part with a beautiful toboggan.


Difficulty: v3 a3 II
Period: april to september
Length: 1 km about
Alt. Difference: 60 meters (410-350)
Calate: 3, higher 15 meters
Bolts: very good - 1999
Duration: 45' Approach, 1h 15' descent, 5' coming back
Shuttle: 0 km
Equipment: 1 corda da 60 meters


Access: leave the highway at Nice St. Isidore and take the national road towards Digne-Grenoble, rising up along the Var left bank. Go on until Albaree and, after a bridge over the Vesubie, turn right onto the D2565 towards St. Martin Vesubie. Ride this wonderful road among the Gorges de la Vesubie and reach the village of Suquet, at about 30 kilometers far from Nice. Park in the wide open space on the right after a hotel-restaurant.

Approach: come back a few meters along the road and take the path rising on the left after the bridge over the Vesubie (take a look at the flow to check river crossing feasibility). Pass over an enclosed hut and go on the path; after a few very steep bends the path turns right and enters into the Infernet valley. Go on until you find a junction with the indications for the canyon.

Coming back: ford the Vesubie (caution!) and come back to the parking.

Copyright Cica Rude Clan.