Riale di Iragna

Short descent very amusing and aquatic, with some difficulties. Granitic rocks are really beautiful but sharp, so pay attention to ropes. Ideal during the first hours of the day. Definitely, a little jewel.


Difficulty: v4 a4 III
Period: june to september
Length: about 500 m
Alt. Difference: 130 meters (420-290)
Rope descents: 7, di cui 5 obbligatorie, higher 40 meters
Bolts: sufficient - 2000
Duration: 20' approach + 2h descent
Shuttle: 0 km
Equipment: 2 ropes 60 mt long


Access: from Biasca head South on the right bank until the village of Iragna. Once in the village turn right towards the centre and go beyond the bridge. Leave the car in the public parking on the right just after the bridge.

Approach: go on from the parking on the rising ashpalted road, until the last buildings of the village. Follow the path leaving from the right of the last house, flanking the river right bank, and rise up until the path crosses the water on a little stone bridge. Go on towards the aqueduct and then rise along some stone steps leading to a little chapel. A few meters before the chapel take the path rising towards the canyon and u-turning right after about one hundred meters. About 10 meters beyond the bend, at an altitude of 400 m on the sea-level, follow a path on the left leading to a ridge overhanged by a big rock; at the end of the ridge it is possible to belay a rope to descend into the gorge.

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