Corrego da Beira do Lombo Queimado

Aka Jungle Rain, this is a wonderful descent, with lots of abseils in a row. Only at the confluenze with Ribeira de Hortela it lets you breathe. The 105 meters high waterfall must be descended carefully, using every anchor present. Wonderful environment and unusual coming back following the levada do Seixal.


Difficulty: v6 a2 IV
Period: april-october
Length: about 1 km
Difference in height: 550 meters (1390-840)
Rappels: 38, higher 105 meters (30+30+45)
Anchors: very good - 2009
Duration: 30' approach + 5h 30' + 1h coming back
Shuttle: about 30 km
Gear: 4 ropes x 60 meters


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