Grand Mère

Beautiful and vertical canyon, compels to a very fatiguing walk in the chaos among the two narrow parts. The wonderful approach must be covered only with good weather, beacuse of the risk of rocks falling in the second part.


Difficulty: v5 a3 V
Period: may to october (dry season)
Length: 1 km about
Alt. Difference: 420 m (740-320)
Calate: 12, higher 70 meters (4 5+ 25)
Bolts: sufficient - 1998
Duration: 2h 15' approach + 6h descent + 45' coming back
Shuttle: 0 km
Equipment: 3 rope 60 mt long


Access: there are 3 diferent accesses; we followed the third one.
1. Canalisation des Orangers from Sans-Souci (3h 30')
2. Belvedere du Maido (2h)
3. Rivière des Galets: near the church of the village of Rivière des Galets there's a TAXI service (Thibource 43-70-32) which covers the bed of the Rivière des Galets. The track, about 12 km, end at La Porte.

Approach: from La Porte go on the path running along the bottom of the valley towards Grand Place, until a dyke. From here, on the right river bank, a steep path rises up a few meters and reaches a gallery. Pass through the gallery and go on the bed of the river, passing over a first narrow canyon on the right bank and another one, not very evident, on the left; this second canyon marks the end of the canyoning descent. Go on until the indication for Ilet des Lataniers - Ilet des Orangers, after about 50 minutes from the beginning. Now the path rises up steeply on the left bank, and after about 40 minutes it reaches a hill, a few meters from Ilet des Lataniers. Don't enter into the village, but keep on heading for Ilet des Orangers. After a short descent a little path rises up and crosses the Grand Mère. Here starts the descent.

Coming back: from the end of the descent go back along the river bed of the Rivière des Galets until La Porte (about 45').

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