Forra di San Nicola

Short but beautiful and actually vertical gorge; a wonderful 80 meters high fall, splitted in three parts.


Difficulty: v4 a2 III
Period: april to june
Length: about 500 m
Alt. Difference: 270 meters (830-560)
Rope Descents: 8, higher 40 meters
Bolts: good - 2001
Duration: 10' approach + 2h 15' descent + 40' coming back
Shuttle: 7 km

2 ropes 60 mt long


lower: from the national road SS 17 take the SS 158 towards Guardiaregia; just before the village take a steep little road going down on the right until an open space, near a bend on the right. A wooden cross marks the start of some naturalistic paths.
upper: pass the village of Guardiaregia going towards Piedimonte Matese. Near a curve turning left, take a litlle asphalted road and park in a while.

Approach: follow a track leaving from the little road and after about two hundreds meters, near a turn on the left, go on walking on a grass which leads to the water in a few minutes; the first part of the river is flanked by a WWF naturalistic path.

Coming back: once at the confluence with the Quirino, go on with dives and swims until the first rubbish discharged by the villagers of Guardiaregia. Near a little and stinking affluent on the right bank, a path avoid us an unpleasant bath inside the above mentioned sewer and take us back to the car. Note that we are inside a natural park...

Copyright Cica Rude Clan.