Badde Pentumas

Very deep and completely dry canyon digged in the limestone. The environment is wonderful even during the path of approach. In the canyon majestic ilex and oak grow quietly. The absence of water makes the progression faster than usual and the only slowing down are caused by the several abseils which separate one cliff from the other.


Difficulty: v3 a1 IV
Period: all year round
Length: about 4 km
Alt. Difference: 450 meters (610-160)
Rope descents: 13, higher 20 meters
Bolts: sufficient - 2008
Duration: 2h approach + 4h descent + 30' coming back
Shuttle: 0 km
Equipment: 1 rope 60 mt long, no wetsuits


Access: leave the road Oliena-Dorgali at the cross-roads to Su Cologone (yellow indications). After about 2 km turn on the right, folowing the yellow indications to Lanaitto. Soon the road becomes a track; go on for 2,5 km more and at the first cross-roads take the road on the left. After another 2,5 km you'll reach a wade and soon after take on the right to Sa Oche Hut which is just below the entrance to a great cave.

Approach: from the parking take the path that outflanks on the right Sa Oche Cave. This path pass through 3 sheep-folds and takes to the Piana di Ortini, a large rocky high-plain. However this path is not so visible and well-marked, so you just have to know that each trace of path rising behind the hut and going towards East is suitable to get to the plain; you just have to persist, if possible take advantage of the peculiar calcareous formation that permit to avoid slowing down caused by the vegetation. From the plain go on towards South until you enter the canyon that becomes deeper and deeper and takes to the first double 25 meters high, the entrance of the Badde.

Coming back: after the last fall go on the dry river bed until a non asphalted road going towards the bottom of the valley. Follow this road and reach in a few minutes the Sa Oche hut.

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