Forra di Pescorosso

Really vertical and technical gorge, it offers a continuous engaged part, some pools and a few amusing dives; unfortunately it has a quite long way out along the river bed.


Difficulty: v4 a2 III
Period: march to may
Length: about 3 km
Alt. Difference: 350 meters (750-400)
Rope descents: 10, higher 35 meters
Bolts: excellent - 2004
Duration: 5'approach + 3h descent + 1h 15' coming back
Shuttle: 15 km
Equipment: 2 ropes 60 mt long


lower: from the SS85, going towards Isernia, turn right onto the national road n.158, heading for Capriati al Volturno. Park the car near a bridge crossing the river in the village of Ponte S. Spirito. It's also possible to get nearer to the end of the canyon finding your bearings through the various little country roads which, flanking the river, head for Monteroduni.
upper: come back onto the SS85, go on towards Isernia and then turn right for Monteroduni, pass over the village and go on heading for Vallelunga. Just before this village, after a sharp curve on the left, park the car in an open space on the left.

Approach: cross the guard-rail and reach the river bed.

Coming back: after the last fall go on inside the river bed, now wider and full of blocks. After about 1 hour pass over a little red limestone wall on the left. Then find a path rising up on the left, leaving the river bed, leading some country roads taking back to the car.

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