Short but difficult descent, with some rope descents under the water and with a wonderful ending fall.


Difficulty: v5 a3 III
Period: july to september
Length: about 400 m
Alt. Difference: 150 meters (850-700)
Rope descents: 7, higher 60 meters
Bolts: quite good - 2000
Duration: 10' approach + 1h 45' descent + 10' coming back
Shuttle: about 4 km
Equipment: 2 ropes 60 mt long


lower: from Oberdrauburg take the road towards Kotschach and, after about 700 m, turn right and park after about one hundred meters, near a little non asphalted private road (indications "Wasserfall")
upper: come back onto the main road, going towards Kotschach, go beyond several 180 bends and, after 4 km, reach a bus stop (orange sign "Post"). Park the car in a little open space, 50 meters beyond.

Approach: go on from the parking for 100 m more until a left turning bend. On the outside of the bend there is a lightly rising track which in a few mwters leads to a junction. Turn right ang go down until a deforested zone (gas pipe-line), from where it's possible to see the river bed. Go down along the steep grassy slope until the bed, just upstream of an artificiale little concrete dyke.

Coming back: go on along the river bed after the last little jump until an artificial barrage; go beyond it on the right bank and then follow the little road taking back to the lower parking.

Copyright Cica Rude Clan.