Forra del Titerno

Amusing gorge, to be descended with a good flow. Descents on rope and dives in a beautiful surroundings of white limestone.


Difficulty: v4 a3 III
Period: april to june
Length: about 2 km
Alt. Difference: 300 meters (800-500)
Rope Descents: 5, higher 38 meters
Bolts: good - 2001
Duration: 2h 30' descent
Shuttle: 15 km

2 ropes 60 mt long


lower: on the national road no. 372 pass over the village of Cusano Mutri and head for Pietraroja, Sepino; after a bridge, go on for about 3 km and take a narrow road going down on the left, reaching a bridge over the Titerno. Park the car.
upper: come back onto the SS no. 372, pass over Pietraroja and after 3 km turn left towards Piedimonte Matese; go down on the left before a stone hut and then take the second road going down on the left. Reach the bridge over the Titerno and park the car.

Approach: from the bridge, get into the water.

Coming back: the gorge ends near the bridge on the Titerno.

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