Val Zemola

Wonderful, very deep and extermely aquatic gorge. Pay big caution to the stream, always remarkable.


Difficulty: v4 a5 IV
Period: june to september
Length: about 2,5 km
Alt. Difference: 300 m (1000 - 700)
Calate: 11, higher 18 m
Bolts: insufficient in the upper part, very good in the lower one - 2001
Duration: lower access: 15' approach + 3h descent + 20' coming back
intermed. access: 15' approach + 4h descent + 20' coming back
upper access: 10' approach + 5h descent + 20' coming back
Shuttle: about 4 km
Equipment: 1 rope 60 mt long


lower: from Longarone rise up along the road leading to the Vajont dike and go on until the village of Erto. Pass over the village centre and proceed towards Cimolais for about 500 meters, until the bridge over the Val Zemola.
upper and intermediate: take the road from Erto to the Maniago mountain hut. After about 2 km the asphalt ends; go on for about 1 km more. The intermediate entrance is through a slope with gravel, under a wide turn on the right. For the upper access go on until the end of the road, where there is the sign of the Natural Park of Dolomiti Friulane.

Approach for lower entrance: take the steep path a few meters on the right of little chapel near the bridge over the Val Zemola. In a few it goes on flat on the right bank of the canyon, with aerial passages, and in about 15 minutes it takes to the water.
Approach for intermediate entrance: go down along the slope with gravel under the wide turn on the right and reach the river bed.
Approach for upper entrance: at the junction just beyond the sign turn right (arrow towards the Maniago hut). After a few hundreds meters it's possible to run down the steep road flank towards the river bed, reaching the beginning of the first narrow part of the canyoning descent.

Coming back: after the last rope descent rise up along the the mountain flank, on the right or on the left river bank, reaching back the road.

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