Zwischbergen - Grosswasser

Short and vertical gorge, really beautiful and amusing, with a strong flow; beautiful jumps and descents on rope. Wonderful rocks.


Difficulty: v4 a4 III
Period: july to september
Length: about 1 km (400 m + 600 m)
Alt. Difference: 160 meters (1000-840)
Rope descents: about 7, higher 40 meters
Bolts: sufficient - 2001
Duration: 2' access + 2h 30' descent
Shuttle: 1,8 km
Equipment: 2 ropes 60 mt long


WARNING! Artificial dam over the canyon. Frequent opening of the bulkheads! Click here for a document written (in french) by the dam managers.

lower: go over the end of the highway A26 Voltri-Gravellona Toce, until it becomes the National Road SS33, towards the Passo del Sempione (Simplon Pass). Go on this road rising along the Val d’Ossola, pass the Italian custom and then the Swiss one. 50 meters after the Swiss custom, before the bridge, take the road towards Zwischbergen going down on the left and cross the Toce river; park the first car in the wide and evident parking area on the left, after the bridge, just in front of the end of the canyon.
upper: go on the road along the steep bendsi (10) rising up towards Zwischbergen for about 1.8 km. Just after the end of the bends, on the left, there is the chance to park. From this point starts a path (marked by the sign "Stockalperweg") leading to a litlle bridge crossing the canyon.

Approach: take the path marked by the sign "Stockalperweg" leaving from from the parking, which in a few minutes takes to the water.

Note: it is better to face the descent during the morning because of the very wide catchment basin which feels the effect of snow melting. Besides, the water is captured by an artificial dam.

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