More data in the italian version

September 29th, 2010

Updated two data:

Ogliana di Quarata (Italy - Piemonte)
Rio Variola Superiore (Italy - Piemonte)

Added new data:

Gorgopotamos (Iti - Greece)
Rio di Tonno (Italy - Liguria)

July 9th, 2010

Updated two datas:

Fosso Poragine (Italy - Liguria)
Riou de Pierrefeu (Esteron- France)

Added brand new section U.S.A.

March 21st, 2010 Added new data:

Corrego da Beira do Lombo Queimado (Jungle Rain) (Madeira)
Ribeira do Vimieiro (Canyon du Retour) (Madeira)

March 20th, 2010 Added new videos and slideshows:

Montenegro, Bavella, Madeira

October 5th, 2009 Added new data:

Riale di Censo (Ticino - Switzerland)

September 17th, 2009 Added new data:

Le Cuous (Bevera - France)
Ruisseau de Faea (Bevera - France)
Cascate di Prequartera (Piemonte - Italy)
Rio di Gulo (Piemonte - Italy)

Updated data:

Rio Mondelli (Piemonte - Italy)
Rio Rasiga (Piemonte - Italy)
Vallon de Guiou (Bevera - France)

August 22nd, 2009 Added new data:

Fiumenero (Lombardia - Italy)

July 5th, 2009 Updated data:

Rio di Prale (Piemonte - Italy)

July 2nd, 2009

Added new data:

Foz de la Canal (Central Pyrenees - Spain)
Barranco Consusa Inferior (Central Pyrenees - Spain)


July 1st, 2009 Added new data:

Ruisseau de Latti (Roya - France)

June 19th, 2009 Reviewed the bullits in order to separate in a better way the nice canyons from the "not-so-good" ones. Take particular care to ligurian canyons, many of them are "border line".

Added new data: Rio Pitrisconi (Sardegna - Italia)

Added new page: about Madeira island (to be continued...)

At last added new links to "Grigue Canyoning", "Canyoning Alpi Giulie" and "Esplorando Gole e Forre" in the related link section.

Aprile 11th, 2009 Added new data:

Rio l'Erbin (Liguria - Italy)

September 19th, 2008 Added new data:

Le Vene del Tanaro (Piemonte - Italy)
Val Malgina (Lombardia - Italy)
Val Camoggia (Lombardia - Italy)
Marmitte dei Giganti (Tuscany - Italy)
Riou Blanc (Tinèe - France)
Riou de Gourdon (Loup - France)

and updated:

Badde Pentumas (Sardinia - Italy), new pics
Forra Boscaioli - Rio Tralba (FVG - Italy), at last we found out the real name of this gorge...

June 19th, 2008 Added new data:

Rio Ferraia (Liguria - Italy)
Rio Grognardo (Liguria - Italy)
Rio di Prale (Piemonte - Italy)
Ciuffatu (Corsica)

and updated:

Polischellu (Corsica), actually, a new canyon
Rio Pomà (Liguria - Italy), new link to weather data
Purcaraccia (Corsica), new pictures

May 30th, 2008 Added new data:

Rio Ase Mortu (Liguria - Italy)
Rio Pomà (Liguria - Italy)
Rio Lavagetta (Piemonte - Italy)

May 5th, 2008 Updated data:

Val d'Angouire (Verdon - France), with new pics
Clue du Riou (Verdon - France), with new pics
Clue de Taulanne (Verdon - France)
Gorges de St. Pierre (Verdon - France)
Torrente Ania (Tuscany - Italy)

March 6th, 2008 Added new data:

Torrent de Chichin (Durance - France)
Val Casenda (Lombardia - Italy)
Rio Battilana (Liguria - Italy)
Rio del Dente (Liguria - Italy)

October 19th, 2007 Added new data:

Rio Calandrino Superiore (Liguria - Italy)

Updated with important notices about dams the following data:

Zwischbergen (Wallis - Switzerland)
Torrente Trobiolo (Lombardia - Italy)

September 1st, 2007 Added new data:

Skurda (Cattaro - Montenegro)
Nevidio (Komarnica - Montenegro)
Suhodo (Tara - Montenegro)
Jezerac (Tara - Montenegro)
Mlinarica (Soca - Slovenia)

July 25th, 2007 Added new data:

Torrente Brenve (Valle d'Aosta - Italy)

May 1st, 2007 Added new data:

Grotta Donini (Sardinia - Italy)
Piscina Irgas (Sardinia - Italy)
Rio Flumineddu (Sardinia - Italy)
Vallon de Grana (Roya - France)

February 28th, 2007 Added new data:

Canale degli Alberghi (Tuscany - Italy)
Torrente Campiglio (Lombardia - Italy)

February 13th, 2007 Added new data:

Rio Malanotte - Rio Gava (Liguria - Italy)
Fosso La Foce (Marche - Italy)

December 6th, 2006 Added new data:

Rio Calandrino (Liguria - Italy)
Torrente Reppia (Liguria - Italy)
Rio della Cantoniera (Liguria - Italy)
Cascata del Ceresole Superiore (Liguria - Italy)
Valle dell'Inferno (Campania - Italy)

November 15th, 2006 Added new data:

Rio Secco (Liguria - Italy)

September 5th, 2006 Added new data:

Rio Claretto Superiore (Piemonte - Italy)
Grabenbach (Austria)
Muhlbach (Austria)
Sahierbach (Austria)
Strubklamm (Austria)

July 30th, 2006 Added new data:

Rio Seguret (Piemonte - Italy)

July 26th, 2006 Added new data:

Torrente Caffaro Alto (Lombardia - Italy)
Val Monastero (Lombardia - Italy)
Rio delle Rovine (Piemonte - Italy)
Rio Variola Superiore (Piemonte - Italy)
Rio di Statale (Liguria - Italy)
Val Pontirone (Switzerland)
Vallon de Rouéou (France)

June 11th, 2006 Added new data:

Torrente Ania (Tuscany - Italy)
Vallon de la Réoune (France)

April 19th, 2006 Added new data:

Rio Novelli (Liguria - Italy)
Ruisseau de la Ruda (Corsica)
Ravin de Falconaia (Corsica)
Ravin de Missoghju (Corsica)
Ruisseau de Catena (Corsica)

November 9th, 2005 Added new data about canyons in Jordan, not technical but very peculiar:

Lower Wadi Mujib (Jordan)
Jebel Khazali Siq (Jordan)

October 14th, 2005 Added new data:

Torrente Argentina (Liguria - Italy)
Ogliana di Quarata (Piemonte - Italy)
Gettaz (Val d'Aosta - Italy)
Added pics on Val Clusa, Val Maggiore (Veneto - Italy) and Infernetto (Liguria - Italy) data.

August 31th, 2005 Added new data:

Estrechos de Balces (Spain)
Barrazil (Spain)
Val Clusa (Veneto)
Val Maggiore (Veneto)
Torrente Vinadia inferiore (Friuli Venezia Giulia)
Affluente sinistra Acquaduro (Lombardia)
Added pics on Bares (Lombardia) data.

August 1st, 2005 Cica Rude Clan at 200!!!!
200 canyons listed in the site, not all ready to be published yet. A great happines, we are proud but not satiated...

Added new data:

Ziocu (Corsica)
Bondasca (Switzerland)
Pilotera (Lombardia - Italy )
Gorgas Negras (Spain)
Trasito Inferior (Spain)
Garganta de Miraval (Spain)
Barranco de Furco (Spain)
Updated some data of Spain and added a new page about equipment, but only in Italyn.

June 15th, 2005 Added new data.

Ruisseau de Sulleoni (Corsica)
Ravin du Dardo (Corsica)
Rio delle Pili (Tuscany)

In the last months most of the french data have been updated.


December 27th, 2004 New photo gallery.
Added new data, always in Italyn.

Rio Marderello (Piemonte)
Torrente Lesina (Lombardia)
Torrente Lirone (Lombardia)
Rio Meltina (Alto Adige)
Gorg d'Abiss (Trentino)
Rio Val (Trentino)
Val d'Osogna inferiore (Canton Ticino - Switzerland)

November 3rd, 2004 Added new data, always in Italyn.

Valle Isorno Inferiore (Piemonte)
Torrente Trobiolo (Lombardia)
Fosso Poragine (Liguria)
Rio Branega (Liguria)
Vallon de Morignole (Roya - France)

October 8th, 2004 Added new data, always in Italyn.

Rio Claretto Inferiore (Piemonte)
Rio Variola Inferiore (Piemonte)
Rio Antolina (Piemonte)
Rio Dresio (Piemonte)
Orrido di Botri (ramo Ovest) (Tuscany)

September 12th, 2004

Added several data, always in Italyn.

Piscia di Gallu (Corsica)
A Richiusa (Corsica)
Baraci Corsica)


August 12th, 2004

Added several data, always in Italyn.
Please note that since January 2002 lots of data have been added or updated only in the Italyn version.

Forra di Prodo
Forra del Casco
Vallon de Cramassouri
Vallon de Challandre
Les Oules de Freissinières
Vallon de Cramassouri
Vallon de Challandre
Les Oules de Freissinières
Rio Poggio
Val Bodengo superiore
Codula di Orbisi
Codula Fuili
Moulin de Teysseres
Cascate di Cittiglio
Torrente Nervi
Rio Sessi
Rio Bianco
Torrente Cormor
Val Malvaglia inferiore
Santa Lucia
Rio Rasiga
Orrido di Foresto
Forra di Morterone
Val Bodengo


January 2nd, 2003 Another new data, even if only in Italyn:

Val d'Ambra superiore (Canton Ticino - Switzerland)

...and some pics of two spanish rivers: Rio Formiga and Rio Vero

December 16th, 2002

Further new technical data have been added, but only in Italyn... sorry once more!

Barranco de Otin (Sierra de Guara - Spain)
Cueva Cabrito (Sierra de Guara - Spain)
Gorgonchon (Sierra de Guara - Spain)
San Martin de la Cueva (Sierra de Guara - Spain)

... lots of pics updated.

December 1st, 2002 New technical data have been added, but only in Italyn... sorry! 

Cascades de Rest (Verdon - France)
Cascades de Louch (Tinee- France)
Fiumicelli (Corsica - France)
Rio Frondizzon (Friuli)
Rio Lavarie (Friuli)
Riou de Pierrefeu (Esteron- France)

... moreover, new pics and modifications to old technical data.

August 15th, 2002 In Technical Data Section a Pop Up window containing some useful information and links about safety has been inserted.

May 31th, 2002 New technical data have been added, but only in Italyn... sorry! 

Ravin de Cabrielle (Verdon - France)
Val d'Angouire (Verdon - France)
Torrent de Ceva (Roya - France)

... and revision of old canyons.

April 17th, 2002 Sorry but this updating is still only in Italyn.

September 24th, 2001 Some data have been updated:

Gola di Buggio (Liguria - Italy)
Val Zemola (Friuli - Italy)

and some other have been added:

Rio Caldone (Lombardia - Italy)
Torrente Albola (Trentino - Italy)
Torrente Gargazzone (Trentino - Italy)
Rio Alba (Friuli Venezia Giulia   - Italy)
Forra dei Boscaioli (Friuli Venezia Giulia  - Italy)
Fossaceca (Abruzzo - Italy)
Zwischbergen (Ticino - Switzerland)

Further more, two new links:

Sole Luna Beach
Pagine Neve


26 May 2001

First of all, the new data sheet of the Forra di San Nicola (Molise - Italy).

Then, inside the Cica Rude Clan section there's now a new page about our activity of promotion, like projections and courses.

Two new links, one to a web site about excursionism on the Apennines and the other one to the Italyn ice spelaeo vulcanologic expedition Iceland 2001, managed by a Cica Rude Clan member:

Web portal of Apennins and Mounts of Liguria
Iceland 2001

17 May 2001 Our wish to find out new gorges took us to Costarica; you can find the relatives datas inside the new section dedicated to this country.

New datas for the Rio Lerca (Italy - Liguria) which now reports a new access, much more comfortable!

Further more 2 new links, the first to a site devoted to the dawning greek canyoning and the second one to the alpine triathlon Mountain Trek Carnico 2001:

Canyoning Greece
Bergfestival Karnten

20 December 2000 New video section with 4 .mpeg format videos, together with the images section, now splitted in two different galleries for a more comfortable management.

Further more, a few pages graphic restyling and a new link to the site of the American Canyoneering Association:

Canyoneering NET


1 November 2000 New link of an Italyn site about mountain bike, secret passion of a few members of the clan:

Pro-M mountain bike


28 September 2000 Some new images for this little updating.
One of the wonderful Fleurs Jaunes (Reunion), inside the gallery, and three inside the technical data of:

Fleurs Jaunes (Reunion Isle)
Iragna (Switzerland - Ticino)
Val Cresciano (Switzerland - Ticino)


26 September 2000 The site has now a new section in French language. Infact you'll find in French all information, but the technical datas, still in English and Italyn only.

Further more there are some new canyons descriptions, in Italy, Austria and Switzerland:

Rio Simon (Italy - Friuli Venezia Giulia)
Rio Mondelli (Italy - Piemonte)
Frauenbach (Austria - Tirolo)
Mauthernklamm (Austria - Carinzia)
Silberbach (Austria - Carinzia)
Iragna (Switzerland - Ticino)
Val Combra (Switzerland - Ticino)
Val Cresciano (Switzerland - Ticino)

Finally, a new link of a really interesting Swiss site:
Swiss Canyons


3 August 2000 Finally we descended the wonderful Bendola !
Here's the data:

Vallon de la Bendola (France - Vallèe de la Roya)

Updating of the data relative to the Grigno, with an annotation about a recent landslide:

Forra del Grigno (Italy - Trentino)


2 August 2000 English translation of:

Moulin de Roubion (France - Tinèe)


22 July 2000 Great news on the site this month !
First of all a few new canyons descriptions:

Rio Mugnaia (Italy - Lombardia)
Torrente Vione (Italy - Lombardia)

opening the new section relative to the Lombardia canyons. Even more important news are the updating of ALL the canyons data, with many corrections, and most of all the addition of the year of our last survey (by the side of the note on bolts conditions). Good descents!


26 May 2000 English translation of:

Torrent de Valdemossa (Spain - Balearic Islands)
Torrent de Comafreda (Spain - Balearic Islands)
Clue de la Morghe (France - Vallèe de la Roya)

updating of technical data of:

Rio Grande (Italy - Emilia Romagna)
Rio Nero (Italy - Trentino)


17 May 2000 new technical schedule of Sa Fosca (Spain - Baleari) and updating of the technical data of Rio Infernetto (Italy - Liguria)

9 May 2000 English translation of:

Forra del Titerno (Italy - Campania)
Forra di Pescorosso (Italy - Molise)

7 May 2000 English translation of:

Rio Infernetto (Italy - Liguria)
Clue de l'Infernet (France - Vesubie)
new datas about the Imberguet (France - Vesubie)

11 March 2000 new images of the Ravin des Enfers (France - Ubaye) in the images gallery

7 March 2000 English translation of:

Torrente Palvico (Italy - Trentino)
Rio Nero (Italy - Trentino)

28 February 2000 new link to the web site of the Ligurian Section of Italyn Alpine Club

21 February 2000 new information page about the isle of Reunion

15 November 1999 English translation of:

Torrente Ciolesan (Italy - Friuli)


1 November 1999 English translation of:

Ravin des Enfers (France - Ubaye)


1 September 1999

English translation of:

Rio Grande (Italy - Emilia Romagna)
Canale dei Ghiacci (Italy - Emilia Romagna)
Valle Artogna (Italy - Piemonte)
Torrente Chalamy (Italy - Val d'Aosta)
Clue d'Haut Jabron (France - Verdon)
Gorges de St. Pierre (France - Verdon)
Clue du Chaudan (France - Var)
Clue du Raton (France - Gorges du Cian)
Val de Piero (Italy - Veneto)
Val Ru da Molin (Italy - Veneto)


9 June 1999 English translation of:

Vallon du Bagnolar (France - Vesubie)
Rio Colombaia (Italy - Emilia Romagna)


April 1999

The canyons technical data section has been enriched with many new cards: the whole Italyn section has been totally translated, as well as the Reunion and the Spanish one. Even the French section offers several new translations and will be completely translated in a few weeks

March 1999 the site has been totally re-designed in its structure and graphic and now offers many more different information, from canyoning history, to an image gallery, to the news about the Cica Rude Clan

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